"Endeavour was founded upon the ethics of making the seemingly impossible, possible, for our guests and friends with disabilities. We are a company that strives to make your dream a reality." Mike Hill, founder Endeavour Safaris

We are about access, no matter the difficulties or barriers, we will find a way around this and ensure the opportunities are there for you to decide the level of adventure you prefer.

We have adapted our own safari and tour vehicles to over-come the transport needs of many individuals and groups with reduced mobility. Our tented mobile safaris have been developed to make the best accessible options available to unlock this unique African experience to those for whom this might never have been a considered holiday choice.

In addition, Endeavour Safaris has been actively involved in advising and assisting accommodation owners about the needs and expectations of our guests. Changes have occurred in many locations, and as the awareness grows, more changes are to come, especially with new builds where the accessibility factor can be implemented from the start.

The lodges and hotels we use have been selected to provide the best accessible rooms, within the budget available. We aim to make the best of the best facilities on offer to us.

Key Accessible Features:

  • Hydraulic lift access to safari and tour vehicles
  • Un-win wheelchair clamping systems
  • Tent bed heights suitable for wheelchair user transfers
  • Camp table heights suitable for wheelchair access underneath
  • Step-free, ensuite bathroom facilities
  • Shower chairs may be possible, upon request
  • Camps are situated on level and hard ground, whenever available

  A lot of help on hand - if required!

Awareness Note

That being said, please note, this is Africa and areas we travel to are very remote and accessible features continue to vary across the region. At various times, depending on which country and which place you are travelling, complete independence might be difficult to accomplish. There is such a varied field within disability together with the fact that much of the accommodation has not been designed from the start with disability in mind.

To all our future guests with disabilities, the most important factor for us is that you arrive with a positive attitude that is ready to overcome the challenges that may present themselves and that you focus on the beauty and wild experience our destinations offer you. We will always try our best to make your trip into an incredible experience, but remember it may not always be perfect.

So that we can advise you on the best options available do contact us to discuss your particular access needs.